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Kylie Green

I watched the tour live. I enjoyed learning about where everyone works and what their responsibilities are.

Kelly Prince

I really enjoyed watching the presentations. The presentations were laid out in an informative yet entertaining manner. I thought each presenter provided sufficient information on where they work and what their position is. I liked that each presenter had their own style of presenting the information, it made for a creative presentation overall.

Jessica Rezgui

Awesome tours! I really liked both the Pinelands Brewery and Chuck E. Cheese's videos. Also, nice pictures CJ! Everyone presented the most interesting and/or most important aspects of their workplace. It was nice to see.

Rebecca Belliveau

I watched the video live. Really great job for the first set of presentations. I liked how two of your did videos and one of you did pictures. It really shows that you can be creative with it. I liked the communal tables at Social 37 this is a great idea for restaurants.The music during the brewing video for Pinelands Brewery was a great touch. I also enjoyed the tutorial for putting on the Chuck E. Cheese costume. Great work guys!

Jacqui Hull

I watched the video. I think it was awesome being able to see where everyone is working for their internship. I also really enjoyed the different types of presentation. It kind of gives the rest of us an idea of how we may want to present our workplace to everyone.

Melissa Remer

Thought everyone did an awesome job for first videos and gave us good examples on how to do it. I loved how each presenter gave us a different version of presenting. CJ gave us really good visuals and details explaining her place of employment. I like how Eddie incorporated the actual brewing process into the video to help us better understand what happens at breweries. Lastly, Alexis gave us more of a skit which I thought was both hilarious and informative. Overall I liked all presentations and think this is a great way to see how different all of our jobs can be.


I watched the video and really enjoyed all three presentations.

Bill Quain

Watch the tours and tell us what you like about them. Why not give some congratulations to your classmates?

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